Your perfect home begins with these a call...




Send me an email or drop me a line. Tell me a little about your project and we'll schedule a time to meet and discuss your ideas. During our initial meeting we will develop a clear direction and scope for your project. We’ll get familiar with each other and you'll fill me in on your house, your needs, and your vision. I’ll ask questions. You’ll ask questions. 


I visit your home to gather more detailed information and take measurements of your space. We'll have more discussions about potential design concepts. I'll develop several layout options that take considerations like size, proportion and function, as well as, a few other ideas that hadn't been considered. Good design is as much calculation as inspiration. Understanding what won't work is as important as knowing what will.  

The goal of the Planning Phase is to select and develop ONE layout option.


Now that a Layout has been selected, we can begin adding all the layers of pretty. Depending on the type of project, the following are design services offered:

  • Furniture and fabric specification
  • Floor, wall and window coverings
  • Lighting design and fixture specification
  • Cabinetry and mill-work design
  • Mechanical specifications (appliances and plumbing)
  • Hard finish specifications (countertops, tile splash, cabinetry finish)
  • Team integration with Architects, Engineers and Builders and other craft professionals
  • Budgeting, costing and bidding support will be discussed.
  • Scaled plan and elevations for Team use and communication.

The goal of the Design Development Phase is have a fully designed package that allows you to jump into actual implementation of the project, whether as a whole, or in timed phases. 


For a full service experience, I offer purchasing and installation for many aspects of your project. It may be appropriate for me to make site visits throughout the duration of your project to help ensure that installations meet the design goals and intentions. Especially with home renovation, there are often aspects that come to light during construction which were unforeseen. Making sure your chosen team understands the design goals will help us pivot the appropriate way if things come up... and they do!

As your project comes together, you'll see that our diligence and process really pay off. Your house will feel like a HOME and look better than you had imagined!